14-year-old Indian origin teen wins Scripps National Spelling Bee

Memorizing spellings is a tough job! Every kid dreads it. Learning the spellings of simple to difficult words is an important part of the school curriculum. It helps the child to understand the meaning and helps in the pronunciation. Harini Logan, a 14-year-old Indian origin teen, has won the Scripps National Spelling Bee after spelling 21 words in a 90-second speed round. She beat Vikram Raju, another Indian-origin teen in the first-ever tie-breaker in the spelling bee. Harini beat a total of more than 230 other competitors at the national level, including 12 other finalists. Spelling bee is a competition in which the contestants are asked to spell different words varying in degrees of difficulty. The year 2019 had seen a record-breaking eight students crowned as co-champions. The final round of the spelling bee saw words such as scyllarian, pyrrolidone, Otukian and Senijextee. Over the years, the words spelled at the spelling bee have become increasingly difficult and arcane.