Mukesh Ambani
Congratulations on bringing out this publication, which covers interests of children and educates them on a wide variety of topics in colorful and enjoyable ways.
Shahrukh Khan
I wonder why no one ever came up with such an idea before? Truly, this is a much needed newspaper for the children of India. I wish Young Minds great success
Dr. Shyama Chona
Young Minds is a wonderful medium of learning. I personally learn many ‘cool facts’ on page 3.
Priyanka Gandhi
“My son loves Young Minds and reads it earnestly every week”!
Mahir Singh, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
I look forward to receiving Young Minds and enjoy the great articles and news stories.
My favourite section is Science and environment.
Harshil Bedi, Amity International School
I love Young Minds as it has news that is concise and interesting.
I have been a guest journalist a lot of times and have received appreciation as well.
Harman Sethi, The Lawrence School, Sanawar
I happened to read young minds and I was really impressed with the quality and content of the paper.
We all read newspapers but don’t get to  read the did you know section and the healthy section. The articles are great and I am sure you receive a good response from the readers.
Have a great blessed year and good luck to your young minds team. Keep up the good work and effort.
Sonia Singh, Parent,
The best thing about Young Minds is the exciting and light news.
Enjoy reading thoroughly.
Sameer and Pooja Sahni
We love your magazine. Enjoy reading the cool facts and other sections of the magazine..
Keep up the good work!