Young Minds is a weekly e-newspaper for youngsters intended for young curious minds.It is available electronically.The digital e-newspaper has been especially designed in vibrant colours to make it extremely attractive to our readers.
The world we live in is becoming increasingly small.We need to prepare our youth for a much more global tomorrow where their social friends, their professional colleagues, and their personal interests will not be locked within a single nation’s boundaries. It is essential that our children and youth are educated about national as well as international events and are aware of the different traditions and beliefs around the globe from an early age to be true world citizens.
It provides our young readers with the power of knowledge so they can be in a very global world, confident about themselves, and respectful of the rich diversity of cultures around our planet.
Each edition of Young Minds contains news stories written in simple language with context and background to make sense to our young readers. It also includes some facts, puzzles and jokes.
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