Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New 12 Crore Armoured Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard


A new ironclad Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Guard has been added to the Shri Narendra Modi‘s joint fleet of cars, replacing the old Range Rover Vogue and the Toyota Land Cruiser which have served really well for him in the last years in the service. It’s provided with VR10 level protection, the highest-ever provided in a production car. The S650 Guard body and the windows can withstand hardened steel core bullets and occupants are protected from a 15-kg TNT explosion from a distance of only 2 metres. The car also comes with special tyres which can make the car move if they get flat out, or if they get punchered. The car will be able to function. It is the highest certification standard available to civilians, ensuring a 360 degree protection.