CBSE Cancels Class 10 Board Exams

Google has announced a series of pledges to fund and promote coronavirus vaccinations across the globe. Google said that it will fund vaccinations for 2.5 lakh people in low and middle-income countries that are in need. The list of these needy countries include the US, Canada, France, Chile, India and Singapore. Additionally, the company has made available information related to COVID-19 vaccination locations. The company will also provide $250 million in advertising grants for pro-vaccination groups and help fund pop-up vaccine sites in the US.In the last one year, Google has added several features to its services to make people’s life easy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It recently added a feature to Google Maps that helps users easily find vaccination locations. This feature is available in the U.S., Canada, France, Chile, India and Singapore. A similar feature is added to Google search as well.