NASA to build the internet on the Moon!

Nasa has teamed up with a mobile phone company, to build the first 4G mobile phone network on the Moon! The space agency’s Artemis programme aims to establish a sustainable human presence on the Moon within the next decade. The network – which Nasa is building with phone-maker Nokia – will be used for remote controlling lunar robots, including command and control functions, and even streaming high-definition video. Astronauts will be able to communicate via voice and video as well as exchange data through the wireless communications, Nokia says. Setting up the internet on the Moon is more challenging than doing it on Earth, but Nokia says that its equipment has been specifically designed to withstand the difficult conditions of the launch and will operate in space without an atmosphere. There will be a base station, radio antennas and user equipment – but it’s not yet clear if this equipment will be a normal smartphone. Nokia also expects the upgrade from 4G to 5G in time, just like on Earth.