The world’s wealthiest family got $3 million richer every hour over the past year

The Waltons, the family that controls Walmart, saw their wealth grow by $3 million per hour over the past year on average. The fortune of the world’s richest family increased by $25 billion to an estimated $215 billion. The Mars family, owners of confectionery giant Mars, is the second richest with a net worth of $120 billion. India’s Mukesh Ambani has pulled in more than $20 billion of investment for his digital platforms since April, boosting Asia’s biggest fortune by 61% in the past year even as brother Anil struggled. Switzerland’s Oeri-Hoffmann dynasty added 24% to its net worth with Roche Holding AG shares boosted by sales of Covid-19 tests. Fidelity’s Johnson family rose $9 billion this year to $46 billion.