UN owes India $38 million for peacekeeping operations

The United Nations (UN) owes India $38 million, the highest it has to pay to any country, for the peacekeeping operations as of March 2019, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said as he voiced concern over the world body’s deteriorating financial health. India is considered to be one of the largest troop contributors to the UN peacekeeping missions all around the world. Every year thousands of military and paramilitary officers serve in war-torn countries putting their lives at stake. This is also the highest amount the UN has to pay to any country as of March 2019, followed by Rwanda, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, expressed his concern over the deteriorating financial condition of the body and hinted that the arrears to the ‘troop and police’ contributing countries could increase to $588 million by June 2019 in the worst-case scenario.