India and China border stand-off threatens peace

A border stand-off between two of the largest armies in the world is threatening peace in the Indian sub-continent.In the last few weeks, soldiers from China and India have been seen scuffling with each other over a disputed territory.The flashpoint is the contested border region of Doklam in Bhutan, which is claimed by China as part of its Donglang region.But Bhutan has no diplomatic ties with China and is supported militarily and diplomatically by India.The problem arose when the Chinese military tried to extend its border road at Doklam.India is concerned about how much access the road would allow China’s military at such a strategic point.For India, this area is significant as it is the only territory where India has a tactical advantage.India and China share a 2,174-mile border, with some parts still being contested.India’s defence minister, Arun Jaitley, has warned that the India of 2017 is not the India of 1962 and the country will defend its territorial integrity.