Dipra Grewal, Class-5A, Springdales School, Pusa Road

One day, as I lay down on my bed, gazing at the ceiling, I suddenly found myself on an isolated beach, marooned, alone. There was not a single human soul in sight. Feeling scared, with goose-bumps all over my body, I tried to gather courage and started to contemplate the idea of exploring the landscape. Being a keen student of geography and looking at the contours of the natural beauty, as well as the life forms, I realized it was not an island; it was Cape Horn, the tip of South America. Just then, I saw some human figures coming on to the beach. The leader of the group, dressed in funny clothes introduced himself as Sir Francis Drake. He told me that it was the year 1578 and he was also marooned on this beach, as his ship capsized, and he was on a mission of circumnavigating the world on the seas. We had a great time at Cape Horn together. Suddenly, I was swept and dragged away into the sea, as a huge tidal mega wave hit me, and dragged me in. I was rescued by a dolphin. In a few moments, I found myself riding the friendly dolphin, aimlessly wandering but at the same time evading whales and sharks. I realized that just about half a league away was the ruins of Atlantis. My friendly dolphin left me at the so-called Sunken City. I realized that I was stranded in the ruins of a city long forgotten with no hope of going back home! Just as I thought that I had lost all hope of staying alive, a helicopter appeared overhead, out of nowhere. I was rescued from utter misery. The pilot, Roger, told me that we were going to Lisbon, Portugal. I enjoyed every moment there. Just then, I was shaken and felt much disoriented. My whole trip was a dream! Early next morning my mother woke me up and told me to get ready for school as usual. I was back to my old life. But there was a positive change in my attitude, as I realized what a wonderful world it was.

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