We wake up from our slumber as the vendor roles, ties and skillfully toss us in the air and we slap against the wall with a bang. It’s good morning for all. Hands rush to browse through us with sips of steaming tea or coffee all over the world globally. Some stack us while others allow us to fly with the fan. Libraries are places where we are honoured as well. We witness discussions and intellectual downpours. Our uses are myriad. We cover books, shelves, and clean houses; become wrappers, bags and at times base for hot samosas and chatni. Printed in numerous languages, we are a daily dose of words and knowledge as well. We are a revolution and can change a nation’s destiny & views. I am sold, recycled, printed and again tossed. I am eco-friendly and bread winner to all connected literate or illiterate.

Kaavya Singhal, Class-7, The Srijan School

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