Innovation in Digital Marketing & Brand Positioning, April 1st – May. 13th, 2019


Venture for Digital Marketing™
Our Venture for Digital Marketing™ Program provides participants with an intensive, hands-on experience highlighting the digital marketing landscape. You will begin to understand the “funnel” between the devices and the platforms used today to access the customer. Beginning with the knowledge of the customer, understanding their needs, you will learn how to utilize social media, the powering of SEO, effective content and display advertising, effective video and more to create a metric driven, powerful digitally integrated marketing plan.

Who Should Attend
This is an open-enrollment program designed for entrepreneurs, small emerging businesses, business owners and managers, and corporate leaders who are looking to create, develop and attract new customer acquisition and retention strategies. Company leaders are encouraged to bring members of your sales, marketing and business intelligence teams to work together on strategies and action plans.

Program Benefits
At the highest level, you will come away with clear answers to the following questions:

  • What are both the regional and global challenges faced by business leaders as they focus on long term growth?
  • How to identify the strength and the weaknesses of your business and evolve your business model to support the strategy and planning?
  • How does your brand equity sustain and grow in a digital marketplace?
  • How do you align your team to create a effective approach to drive the company and/or product strategy?
  • What are the current approaches for cost effective customer acquisition and retention?
  • How to prioritize multiple marketing channels to optimize the customer acquisition cost to the lifetime value ratio?

Program Content
The program uses a proprietary sequence of modules and tools to support the development of your digital marketing strategy for effective customer acquisition. You will learn how to use systematic market assessment to create new approaches to acquiring new customers and creating a customer experience for long lasting repeat business. Specific skill development and issues covered include:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of current and evolving digital marketing channels?
  • Understand and know what the objective of your business objective is first
  •  Set and create key metrics by researching the most effective platform approaches
  • Clearly knowing who your specific, targeted audience is and how they see, hear and consume information
  • Analyzing your resources for an effective digital marketing strategy:
  • Your Budget
    • Your Channels
    • Your People
  • Making your plan…and then changing it! Create an effective digital marketing calendar, reviewing and measuring the strategy, and identify the changes needed in real time.



Dr. Jack McGourty
Director, Venture for all CBS, NY


Prof. Daniel McQuade
Director, Venture for all CBS, NY

Innovation in Digital Marketing & Brand Positioning
April 1st – May 13th, 2019
5:00pm – 6:30pm (IST, India), 7:30am – 9:00am (EST, NY)
Every Saturday
A Five Week Hands on Online Course
A weekly 90 minutes ‘Live’ synchronous class and self-directed assignments
Indian Applicants : Rs. 39,000
International Applicants : USD $ 599

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