About Us

CBS Global Entrepreneurship Programs are intensive, educational programs in innovation, venture creation, entrepreneurship, digital Marketing, branding and leadership offered by the Columbia Business School.



Venture for All® is a global initiative whose mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in emerging and frontier markets through education and mentorship. Our programs educate and train young aspiring entrepreneurs to become enterprise builders and job creators; prepare and educate the small and family-owned business owner for the next stage of growth; and create marketplace development strategies for high potential corporate managers.


Hosted by Columbia Business School, Venture for All® programs drive to empower emerging communities through entrepreneurship, thus helping to build local economies. The programs ensure that aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs are able to create new opportunities for themselves and others in their communities. Additionally, Venture for All® advises policymakers at government, corporate, and educational institutions to recognise the need to build capacity for high potential startup ventures in emerging and frontier markets. Venture for All® offers “in country” courses in several emerging and frontier countries as well as multiple offerings on Columbia University’s campus. For more information on participating in one of Venture for All® programs, course schedules for on-campus, international, and online offerings, please contact the program founder, Dr. Jack McGourty or Latika Kohli.


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