A VFA Alumnus Winner

A student Aryana Rao from 2016 Hyderabad class, has won a business plan competition and will be bringing it to NYC for a global competition.

TiE Hyderabad announced the winners of TiE Young Entrepreneurs Award for its fifth season. The competition witnessed 43 students from 20 schools.

Winners of the Business Plan Competition will fly to the International TyE Finals to be held in USA later this year. The jury declared Pop & Lick as winners for their business plan of an Edible Popsicle holder that prevents dripping. ‘Team Nurture’ on the other hand won the runner up position for their plan- an unique nutrition bar to fulfill a gonna be mother’s daily nutritional supply.

Jayesh Ranjan, secretary, Department of IT & EC, Government of Telangana gave away the award to the winning team. In his address, Ranjan said that TiE should make this programme inclusive by including the rural region.

TiE-Hyderabad initiated the fifth season of TiE Young Entrepreneurs in August 2017. And 43 students from 20 schools of the twin cities underwent a rigorous curriculum on entrepreneurship development with classroom sessions, mentoring and business plan competitions spanning till the end of December.

Congratulating the winners Kali Prasad Gadiraju, president, TiE Hyderabad said “We are amazed at the capabilities of these young kids. With TiE’s structured training they can start their entrepreneurial journey and I am sure they will be quite successful. He expressed his appreciation to all participating schools for their support and commended the TiE charter members for giving their valuable time to mentor these students over the last few months.”

During the course the participants interacted with seasoned entrepreneurs. The structured programme offered by TiE-Hyderabad facilitated the discovery their proficiency in leadership, communication & managerial skills, collaboration & networking and generally became more confident individuals.

The jury members along with president of TiE-Hyderabad were present at the award ceremony. The jury included Ajit Rangnekar, director general, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad, Rekha Lahoti, CEO, Kalakriti India, Radha Rani, executive director, Visiontek, Linkwell Telesystems.

The winner team Pop & Lick comprised of Aryana Rao and Sreeja Muppidi from Chirec International School, Sohini Kasu from Oakridge International School, Abheek Dendukuri from Sadhu Vaswani International School, Mukund T Dittakavi from Bhavans School, Vaishnavi Simran Palreddy from SilverOaks School and Jeshurun Nikhil Chauhan from Rockwell International School.

The runners up team included Rithik Ingala from P Obul Reddy Public School, Kriti Nalla and Achala Jessica Bunyan from CHIREC International School, Tripura Meenakshi Vithala from Sancta Maria International School, Aasrit Manepalli from Rockwell International School, M S Ahamadi Arshiya from Viswa Bharathi technoschool, Gadwal and Vedant Kabra from Glendale Academy International.

A number of industry leaders were involved in a series of sessions conducted during the TYE programme that the students attended which included Murali Bukkapatnam (founder & chairman, Volksy Technologies), Ekta Bahl (partner, Samvād Partners), Sanjay Jesrani (founder & CEO, Go North Ventures), Sharlin Thayil (co-founder & CEO, VU360 Technologies), Raju Madhavan (Forum Facilitator, The Forum Corporation) to discover what it takes to chase one’s dreams in life.

The mentors Murali Kakarla (CEO, Innobox Systems), Rakesh Bhatia (partner, Beyond Strategy Consulting), Srini Chilukuri (MD, Flexeye It Services), Sanga Reddy Peerreddy (founder & CEO, Setuserv), Ralhan Beas Dev (CEO, Next Education), Srikanth Tiruamala (founder & CEO, Hooperlabs) helped students by vetting their business plans to allow the participants identify problems and find solutions accordingly.

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